About Me

Welcome to my site Boys and Girls!

I'm Megan, you can address me as Goddess Megan.


I'm a humiliatrix as well as a Dominatrix and I lust over dominating my slaves with my pretty little feet.  Don't get it twisted though, I'm not afraid to use my entire body to break an un-expecting bitch down.  I discovered my passion for dominating while tearing up the runways in New York City. 

I modeled lingerie for years and eventually had every bitch backstage at my service, at my feet, at the end of my whip, you name it.

My site? You gotta see it. My body? A deadly weapon.


I began studying Kung Fu and Karate years ago.  It comes in handy when I come across a bitch who hesitates to suck my feet. 

I also studied jujitsu and learned how to kick ass on a wrestling mat.  My knockout streak is undefeated and my insanely sexy victory poses will have you squirming.


 I've got a passion for the tears of my humiliated victims, an incurable obsession to have my perfect feet & hard body worshiped and an insatiable appetite to destroy anyone in my path. Join right NOW and you'll get all of it. Two awesome updates a week, regular video clip updates, and I'll even let you read my naughty little diary. 

It gives updates on my life's craziness, like the other day how I had two girls..yeah...you need to read it now ;)


So here it is, I've got it on a silver platter for you.  If you want to see me dominate and humiliate my slaves, if you want to watch me make sluts eat my feet, Join Now!


Obey Me & Join Now!


Your Goddess,